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Branch Players

French farming is basically diversified as can be seen in the various production areas and the different farming systems. Animal selection must therefore deal with this diversity. One of the particular characteristics of the insemination cooperatives is that, from the beginning and even more so today, they have been intended for all types of farmer, not just those interested by technical progress. Even today just accompanying an inseminator on his rounds provides a view of the diversity of farming structures.

In the selection and reproduction branch two large categories of company stand out: Selection companies which carry out breeding schemes, choose the animals which will be their future stud animals and provide the production of semen straws, and insemination cooperatives which operate directly with farmers and, via their inseminator network, provide genetics on farms. 

French selection and insemination companies are all different in the area of activity, their breeds and their commercial strategies, but they all have in common cooperative status giving them governance, and investment or retribution methods from their own associated cooperative members


The players

The selection companies and insemination companies that are members of Allice work daily to support farmers in the use of reproduction tools and genetic improvement of the herds.

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Map of cattle Selection companies belonging to Allice

Map of cattle Insemination cooperatives belonging to Allice

Key figures

For the Animal Selection and Reproduction branch

  • 2800 employees

  • 378 million Euros

  • 7 million TAI