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The Mating Plan

Health pack or a Production pack

The Mating Plan, Strategic for the Farm

To establish a strategic plan for achieving them

In every company each year managers determine the economic objectives and establish a strategic plan for achieving them. Farmers are not exempt from this rule. For all those who practice artificial insemination in their herd one of the major parts of the strategic plan is the mating plan. In practical terms the farmer will define the objectives for his herd. For example, given market conditions, he will decide to improve milk production, or improve the conformation of the animals to simplify his working conditions.

At all times the farmer controls the overall performance of his herd with scoring, weighing and evaluation for each animal.He could also have all the genetic information for the cows supplied by genotyping. Before starting a new campaign he will select the semen that is most suitable for attaining these objectives, almost always with technicians from the insemination cooperativeto which he belongs. This choice is made by consulting the bull indices "marketed" by the cooperative, making sure that consanguinity in the herd is avoided as far as possible. 

Since the arrival of genomics the finesse of this choice has increased and the number of breeding bulls is considerably higher. In addition, selection companies and cooperatives have been able to create packs of "themed" semen. So, to save time in establishing his mating plan, the farmer can choose a "health pack" or a "production pack" as an example.

Insemination interests

  • pourquoi inséminer les vaches

  • pourquoi inséminer les vaches