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Animal Keeper

Caring about the well-being of the bulls

Animal Keeper, at the Service of Animal Welfare

Soin aux animaux

Anyone who doesn't like animals could never work as an animal keeper. This is because over and above any professional qualification or expertise, constant caring about the well-being of the bulls and heifers on the stations is of prime importance. 

The main function of an animal keeper is the daily care of the animals living in the companies where he works (mainly artificial insemination cooperatives and also research institutes). Therefore holders of an agricultural BEP, CAP or BTS are mainly concerned with feeding, cleaning and grooming the animals.

However, in this sector these traditional tasks must be performed in an excellent state of mind. Indeed, the challenges of artificial insemination and research will not tolerate any breach of hygiene rules or those for preserving the health of a herd. An epidemic would be a real catastrophe for an insemination centre. The hygiene quality of a stationis based in large part on the attention paid to the animals, observation and the zootechnical knowledge of the animal keepers.

Of course the animal keeper must master a number of technical procedures specific to the farm (such as restraint or direct care), be able to use the equipment, know how to apply instructions and have discussions with the teamto which he belongs.

However, the basic quality needed is love and respect for the animals.

Our Professions in Videos

Laurène Le Berre, Animal Keeper at the Nouzilly Phenotyping Station