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Embryo transfert technician

A bio-reproduction technician

ET Technician, the Other Way to Inseminate!

Embryo transfer or direct transfer from a donor animal to a receiver animal is another facet in the profession of inseminator. Although this is practised on a much smaller scale than standard insemination with semen, the procedure requires additional technical training because embryo transfer is not simply a slightly more technical insemination procedure. Whether it is for collection or insertion of embryos, perfect knowledge of the cow's anatomy is essential to carry out the procedure in the best possible conditions for the animal. 

Moreover this procedure requires the technician to know how to manage calendars for synchronising and grouping heats between donors and receivers. This coordination work takes up a large part of the activity of a bio-reproduction technician. 

Generally the profession of embryo transfer technician is practised on farms, as a complement to the activity of insemination, but some specialise in order to carry out only this procedure in a donor station or research centre. 

Embryo transfer technicians must have at least an Animal Production BTS or the CAFTI (certificat d'aptitudes aux fonctions de techniciens d'insémination) for cattle.

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  • Originally trained in Miermaigne (Eure-et-Loir) and Rambouillet (Yvelines), Jean-Nicolas Remonnay and Arnaud Lévêque have learnt about embryo implantation within their company.