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Genetic Coordinator

What does the Profession of Genetic Coordinator Involve?

Genetic Coordinator

Sylvie Patey graduated from the Institut Supérieur d'Agriculture in Lille. She is an Agricultural Engineer and work at Gènes Diffusion as a Genetic Coordinator specialising in the cattle sector.

What does the Profession of Genetic Coordinator Involve?

Sylvie Patey's main tasks involve the coordination of genetic selection programmes for the Holstein, Normande and Charolais breeds.

She provides monitoring for semen production for the entire herd of bulls in the Gènes Diffusion selection company, Allice's cooperative cattle insemination company specialising in animal genetics and reproduction technologies.

In the Genetics Department Sylvie Patey and her team work mainly on:

  • defining the production rates for bulls; evaluation of starting production to assess and programme this as accurately as possible, the best periods for intensive production and stopping production,
  • ensuring the transfer of bulls between the various Gènes Diffusion sites,
  • monitoring the export of bulls abroad and ensuring operations run smoothly.

A Multi-disciplinary, Complementary Coordination Network

The genetic coordinator is at the centre of the multidisciplinary, complementary network for genetic selection to ensure the selection of the best semen and coordinate the proper putting into production of the best bulls selected in this way. Thus the coordinator is the key contact point in the genetic selection programme because he or she works with all the members of the selection and genetic implementation sectors: genetics technicians, farmers, insemination cooperative directors and genetics managers.

Within the framework of her genetic coordination assignments for Gènes Diffusion, Sylvie Patey discusses and works with the personnel from INRA (leading agricultural research institute in Europe), IDELE (Breeding Institute) and ALLICE, of which Gènes Diffusion is a member.

We invite you to watch the video portrait for Sylvie Patey, Genetic Coordinator.

Her best advice for practising her profession in the best possible way? Close collaboration with the network for permanent discussion and fulfilment within her team.

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