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Occupation health

Quality of life, Prevention of Psycho-social Risks, Farmers' Suicides

Occupational Health and Well-being, a Winning Strategy

Falling within an ambitious branch policy for improving lifestyle and occupational safety, the selection and reproduction branch companies place "human capital" at the centre of strategies for upgrading and developing company performance.Over and above questions concerning prevention, the approach is also an invitation to incorporate the new expectations of today's employees, and those of tomorrow, in the matter of recognition, the search for sense and production at work. On 8 October 2012 an ambitious branch collective agreement for the management of occupational health was signed for this approach.It is often classed as "exemplary" in the agricultural sector and makes the best use of the diffusion of existing local good practice. The ambition is national development of innovative projects for improving the conditions in which work is carried out for all employees.

In particular, the core of this agreement is positive communal and concerted involvement of company managements, local managers, employees, representatives of the personnel and farmers in making occupational health a global performance lever in farming, and the creation of economic and social sustainable development in our organisations. Moreover, because it is perfectly consistent with the branch considerations and projects in terms of CSR, the companies have agreed to provide the finance within the framework of the innovative action, "Sustainable development and occupational health", managed by the Commission set up by Allice. 

Within this national dynamic of improving the conditions of work life and preserving physical and mental health, a study on improving working conditions and preventing musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs) and psycho-social risks (PSRs) has been performed on 5 pilot sites for the professions of laboratory technician and distributor. This study was jointly financed by the Fonds d'amélioration des conditions de travail (Fund for Improving Working Conditions) and the companies themselves. In addition to the concrete recommendations it provides for employees, it is a demonstration of the true willingness of branch players to make human capital a performance challenge. 

There is now a real global virtuous circle between the concerned parties. Corporate initiatives feed national projects which are shaking up the policies for financial, organisational and managerial actions. Corporate strategies and Boards of Directors now include health, welfare and work quality of life in their thinking. In this context farmers, players and change vectors are the core of the future health prevention ecosystem on farms.


"Investing in Human Capital, a Simple, Innovative Idea! "