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The branch’s CSR actions

Actions for Humans and Animals

Encouraging the Application of CSR in Companies

For more than 60 years, the selection and reproduction branch has been investing in technologies, innovation and human resources to offer farmers a sustainable future. Since 2012 it has increased its actions and is even more committed to encouraging the application of CSR in animal reproduction and selection companies, by offering volunteer companies courses of action and tools in various fields, such as the quality of work life (QWL), human resource planning, greenhouse gas emission reductions, animal welfare in animal selection and reproduction.

So the companies of the branch and its federation, Allice, are restating their values and conducting their actions based on 4 main principles:

Farmers at the Heart of the Tool

The action of Allice and the cooperatives is based on secular values for cooperation: respect for the farmer-member, sharing of knowledge and skills, pooling investments for basic and applied research which was previously inaccessible.

Animals and Nature at the Heart of its Research

By taking part in the study of the genome very early on, by applying its results immediately to the techniques and practices for selection and insemination, cooperatives supported by the expertise of their federation, Allice, have improved breeding performance, widened genetic diversity, helped to maintain breeds with low numbers and contributed to reducing the impact of cattle farming on the environment.

Greater Well-being of Professionals at the Heart of its Objectives

For decades Allice has been improving cattle genetics and the working conditions of farmers, who now control selection and its technical and economic consequences better, helping all the professional players in the sector to carry out their work better.

The Product at the Peak of its Requirements

Selection has never been an end in itself but more than anything else the means of improving the health of cattle, maintaining them and adapting them to an ever-changing agricultural world. By doing this, Allice and the farming cooperatives are working towards the competitiveness of farmers, whilst guaranteeing product quality (milk and meat) and the health safety of semen and embryos.

Figures for CSR

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    100% of insemination cooperatives are committed to the innovative action proposed by Allice
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